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Get With The Shoe Squad, Bro!

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  • 4 September 2019

TBH, you can’t get enough of ‘em. Wardrobes overflowing with one pair too many but hey- the more the merrier, na? That’s exactly why you should be a part of the Brand Factory Online Shoe Squad! 

If you’ve come looking for the best deals, best brands for the times you can be BEST DRESSED for- this blog is for you!



Dressing up for work is no longer what it was traditionally pegged to be. With more and more offices letting go of the infamous "dress code", we can now finally have fun with workwear. Give your sporty sneakers a try, matching them on tapered chinos with a semi-formal shirt. Or wear them with a semi-formal short dress to mix it up!


Athleisure has been catching on even at workspaces, so don’t be afraid to wear your casual and sports shoes with trousers, a tee and a blazer to channel sporty chic!

Take our picks from brands like Puma, Skechers, Fila and Converse on the best deals you could ever find online!



Just like traditional workwear is going through a transformation of kinds, night-out attires aren’t exactly sticking to the norm either. Whether that be on a special date or partying with friends, girls don’t need to conform by limiting their outfits to feminine or sexy with sky-high heels. Because, comfort is the new cool!


Turn the tables by wearing sneakers, flats or cute bellies with your fancy dresses and skirts. They'll keep you relaxed and comfortable on the dance floor and later in the night!


We have the best brands on available on some of the best offers so fill up your cart!



So while we put sneakers and casual shoes in the work and play category, put flip flops, slip-ons, and sandals in your downtime! Chilling with friends, going out for a movie or a  just a casual coffee date- flip flops and sandals are more than acceptable, they are just what you wanna lounge in! Pair them with a cute flirty dress, blouse or shorts. 




If you think women are obsessed with stacking up pairs of footwear, wait till you see how men are addicted to shoes! We know exactly what you need to satisfy this quirk. Just join our shoe squad!

There couldn’t be one too many formal shoes in your wardrobe, really. Wearing them to work and meetings every day- you definitely wanna mix it up! Try our picks and pair them up with the best trousers and formal shirts from Knighthood, Daniel Hechter, Louis Philippe and you’ll be ready to ace the presentations and meetings like a pro!


Experimenting ain’t limited to your time-off or casual Fridays! Pair your casual shoes, loafers, and sneakers with chinos or jeans and a semi-formal shirt to give your outfits a fun spin while you handle those super important deals and negotiations! 



But all work and no play does make you dull so cash in on the downtime as well! We have the best range of sandals, floaters, and sneakers to help you look your best even when chilling with friends, going out on a casual date, movies or weekends away!



Some of you might argue that your downtime can consist of working out, taking hikes, treks and trails and just generally being outdoorsy! Well, we've got you sorted as well! Our range of sports shoes and boots are just what you need for these adrenaline-filled excursions and we have them for you at the most unbelievable prices!




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Get With The Shoe Squad, Bro!
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