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About women trousers

Trousers tailormade for you

Brand Factory’s collection of women’s trousers online will give you the chance to find the best fit for yourself

Dresses and skirts were fine for regular wear at one point in history when women’s wear didn’t revolve around the practicality and mobility of a garment. As and when more women started joining the work force, the need for separates in bottom wear grew. Before we even realised, they went from being household, utility pieces of garments to fashion statements. The popularity of trousers for women spread so far that we cannot imagine a life or any woman’s cupboard devoid of pants these days.

Shop for your style online

While we discuss working women and their needs, we shouldn’t forget how paucity of time is a real concern, making time to go out and try on clothes before shopping, a once in a blue moon affair. The best and only option in such a case is to hunt for the best styles in women’s trousers online.

Brand Factory, for instance, has a wide range of women’s fashion trousers in the latest design available on its website. From tapered trousers to tailored ones, there’s something here for every woman’s need. So, why waste time in procrastinating; we know you need them, so go grab all the styles you need to upgrade your wardrobe.

Know your type

But first, let’s gain a little knowledge on the different types of fashion trousers available so that an informed decision can be made.

Palazzo pants: Palazzo pants are a rip off of the wide-legged pants of the retro era. These mid-rise pants are very fashionable and are high on comfort too. Palazzo

pants can be casual, formal, or ethnic also and look great when worn with fitted blouses. go well with pumps and stilettos.

Culottes: Culottes look just like palazzos, except they are cropped. Sometimes culottes end above the ankle, at other times they run till the calf. These are also tight at the waist and flow out in an a-line shape while moving downward. Culottes in flannel material are actually being considered as semi-formal pants these days and look very stylish when paired with t-strap heels.

Wide-leg pants: Wide-legged pants may or may not be of the fit and flare kind. As the name suggests, these have a broad hemline and are of loose fit. Some of these are fitted till the thigh and start spreading out as it moves down from the knees. These also have a very retro appeal and look great on women with long legs and shorter torso. However, wide-legged pants are strictly informal and work best as a fashion item.

Tailored trousers: The tailored to fit category of flannel trousers for women were initially only worn to formal gatherings. These are typically crisp, usually of mid-rise or high-rise and may or may not have pleats. The millennials and influencers of the world have showed us have to experiment and have fun with these too. So, why don’t you wear an itsy-bitsy bralette with ivory high-rise pleated trousers and wait for the compliments to pour in?

Paper-bag waistlines: These trousers literally have a waistline that looks like a paper bag that’s gathered at the top, tightly secured with a ribbon or a rope. Because of the gathered waist, the fabric falls in pleats and usually have a straight fit. These look great when paired with solid tanks or striped sailor t-shirts.

Chinos: Also known as khakis, chinos are a comfortable alternative to formal pants. These semi-formal trousers for women are easy to pull off and look classy and casual at the same time.

Track pants: With the advent of athleisure styles, track pants have found utility beyond the gym. Several celebrities have been spotted wearing these to airports or while out for a casual hangout with friends. Track pants look best when paired with sneakers and casual tops or camisoles.

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