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About women shrugs

This time, don’t shrug it off

Shrugs are an important accessory in your wardrobe, and Brand Factory’s collection of women’s shrugs will help you choose the best one for yourself

Coachella took forward in the fashion world what Hannah Montana began – making shrugs a fashion statement. Shrugs, as we know, are loose fitting outer wear garments that serve the purpose of a jacket but are typically far less tailored. Though the prototypes of shrugs were cropped, usually ending below the bustline, the hemlines have grown longer and the silhouette more flowy, over the years.

So much choice

The cover up garments are also differentiated by their sleeve size and material, making the styles available in ladies shrugs, endless and immensely versatile items that should find a place in every well-rounded cupboard. One thing that we're sure of is that these shrugs are absolutely perfect for winters, summers, formal occasions, casual outings and more. These shrugs also are total thumbs up in terms of the style quotient.

Despite technically being an add on, like an accessory, that was aimed at accentuating or enhancing a look, we know how ladies’ shrugs have served purposes that go way beyond that. Ladies shrugs work as a great cover up, especially for summers, when you want to wear a nice strappy dress but want to keep your arms covered anyway. Camisoles and tank tops find a whole new meaning and purpose when a shrug is thrown over the, whether you wear it with a snug pair of jeans or even a nice skater skirt.

Perfect for a chilly evening

Moreover, when there’s a slight chill in the weather but it is not cold enough to pull out your jumpers or sweaters just yet, what better a companion than a good old shrug? Besides, if you find your top or dress a tad boring or don’t want people to know that you’re repeating clothes like a boss lady, grab some great shrugs for women online and turn your look around. Want to have some more fun? How about buying some jazzy, embellished shrugs for women online, replete with sequins and rhinestone trimmings? We say, it would transform just anything into a glamourous party wear.

The short ones look great with empire-waistline and maxi dresses, while the flowy bohemian ones paired with micro denim shorts and tanks are the “it look” of the moment. We have listed below the styles you can look for while shopping for the best shrugs for women online.

Shrugs with fringes: These end at mid-thigh at times or run down to the knees. Effortlessly bohemian in their appeal, the fringe trimmings make you look set for Coachella; all you got to do is wear a bandana and massive junk jewellery. Fringed shrugs can be sleeveless or have kimono, bat-wing sleeves. We love the tan, suede, scalloped ones the most, although a soft chiffon or silk one would look perfect too

Maxi Shrugs: The other kind of shrugs for women that are the hot trend right now have got to be the maxi shrugs. These are more fitted to the body and usually have

long sleeves. They go right down to the ankle or mid-cuff, just like a maxi dress would. Almost every millennial rocker has a picture where she can be seen posing pretty in one of these, teamed perfectly with hot pants, tanks, and calf-length boots or gladiators.

Waterfall shrugs: Waterfall shrugs have a quirky front detailing, with multiple folds on the lapel, making the fabric’s fall look like a waterfall. These look great paired with anything, dresses, skirts, or even kurtis.

Boleros: The tight cropped dressy shrugs that Hannah Montana wore were basically boleros. They are tiny, end at the bust, sometime have a tie-knot front. The sleeves can be long or short, while the fabric can vary too – think extremes like heavy sequins to crushed crepe, or jacquard.

Some of the best shrugs for women online are available right here at Brand Factory. So, waste no time and choose your pick. With the multitude of styles available, we bet you won’t be buying just one!

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