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About women jeans

It’s all in the jeans

Jeans are wardrobe essentials and there are multiple women’s jeans brands available in the market, and Brand Factory’s collection leaves you spoilt for choice

Jeans are for everyone – men, women, kids, celebrities, soldiers, doctors – we can’t even think of anyone who would not want one or own one. For all you know, your grandfather might have revelled in a pair in his hey days too.

Must haves

Jeans are wardrobe essentials and there are multiple women’s jeans brands available in the market. Almost all of them offer different styles and fits that are trending in the fashion scenario and the best part is, most of these are available under one roof at Brand Factory online.

They have the best and latest jeans for women available on their website, with styles varying from boyfriend jeans to distressed ones waiting for you in different price range, colours, and fits.

Find your fit

Different kinds of jeans work for different kinds of people, depending on their age, personality, purpose, etc, and the fit is everything you must stress on when buying ladies jeans online. As for the latest trends, we have your back. Here’s are some stylish, trendy pair of jeans you must buy right now.

Distressed jeans: Let’s begin with the trendiest pair jeans for women you can buy online – the distressed jeans. These torn and tattered types with frayed and rugged hemlines and acid wash were always available in the market. Earlier, the risqué ones would only be worn by members of subaltern groups or rock stars but have now found a wider audience for itself. Every millennial swears by these and quite frankly, they are so popular right now, it is quite a task to find a pair that isn’t distressed to some extent.

Appliqued or embroidered: A trend of the 2000s that have resurfaced are embellished jeans. Our beloved Disney characters wore them a lot, and frankly, they were every bit our teenage dream. However, the ones that are trending now are slightly different from those. Previously, it would be the sides of the women’s jeans r the back pockets that would have elaborate thread embroidery. Instead, what we see now are applique patches spread across the pair, with rhinestones encrusted along the pockets at times.

Skinny jeans: As the name suggests, these are the ones with a figure-hugging silhouette. They have a snug fit that starts at the waist and ends at the ankle. These are usually made of stretchable material for ease of wear.

Cropped jeans: These are also skinny jeans, however, instead of ending of the ankle, they end slightly above it. The shorter version of the skinny fits look great with loafers and espadrilles or plain t-strap flats. If you want to sport an edgy look, you can also go for ones with frayed hems.

Straight fit: These jeans have the same loose fit starting from the waist to the ankle. They allow breathing space and have a boyish appeal to them, making them perfect for students and young working women. They look superb with basic tees and it is best to buy distressed jeans in this fit.

Relaxed fit: Neither skinny nor straight, these jeans fit snug around the thigh area and hang slightly loosely starting from the calves. These also hang till the ankles or slightly below and look great with mules or the trendy square-toe sandals.

Low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise: These are basically the types of jeans based on where they start around the waistline. While low-rise jeans for women start at the hip and have a small crotch area, mid-rise ones start at the naval or slightly below it, depending on the length f the torso. High-rise ones on the other hand, almost touch the mid-riff and the belly buttons cannot be seen when these are worn. While mid-rise jeans are timeless, high-rise ones are the hot trend now and look best when worn with short cropped blouses.

Bell Bottoms: Very retro in their appeal, bell bottoms became a fad in the 1970s, only to come back in the fashion scenario with a bang. These are snug till the thighs and start flaring downwards, with an exaggerated flare that ends below the ankle. Fashionistas of the world own one of these definitely and so we say, you should too. Wear them with major clogs or platform heels and you’re set to take on the world. On a side note: Winged liner

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