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From Drab To Fab!

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  • 12 August 2019


Does your dull and drab all-solid, all-neutral workwear wardrobe make you feel vulnerable to the fashion police? For years together, mainstream men’s workwear has veered towards the traditional. But no more!

There’s no denying it ---- current fashion scene favours the bold. While corporate dress codes draws a clear distinction between what qualifies as formal and casual in shirts, the lines are starting to blur. And it’s time to make a bold style statement by pairing a printed formal shirt with your formal trousers!

Subtle prints can look effortlessly polished and be low key enough to sport in even the most formal business workplaces. They’re neither loud nor obnoxious enough to subject you to raised eyebrows in a meeting. And while they do draw out the eye, they don’t come across as attention-seeking either.

Which is why, it’s easy to bend the rules a little bit to combine style and swag with carefully chosen printed shirts.

Here are 4 easy ways to update your boardroom look with classy printed formal shirts styles that are easy to pull off any day of the week.


Stripes are an old classic, and one of the easiest patterns to pull off if you’re expected to dress in conservative formal-wear.

The wide variety available in stripes makes them very easy to integrate with your formal trousers.

From wide Bengal stripes, to medium Pencil stripes, to thin Pinstripes – they can all fit into your conservative work wardrobe with ease.

2. Checks

Most of you would be no strangers to wearing plaid wide-checked shirts with jeans over the weekend. But why not try checks with formal pants?

Checks can add instant personality to you workwear wardrobe and are pretty versatile too.

As with all prints, choose a subtle checked print that adds both style and visual interest to your outfit, without becoming overbearing.


3. Geometric Prints

Though bold, geometric prints add a cool, modern edge to your business wear. In fact, geometric printed formal shirts look sharp inside a formal suit, giving a touch of modernity and individuality. 

Keep in mind that the wide variety in geometric prints comes in six ways to Sunday, which is why it’s important to choose wisely.

Err on the side of caution and pick a print that is subtle and understated. Unless you want to be known as “THAT guy” henceforth!

We recommend a subtle detailed print that doesn’t ruin the lines of your suit jacket but makes a statement nonetheless. Ditch the tie and opt for subtle accessories instead. Stock up on the coolest printed formal shirts from Knighthood under Rs.700.

4. Polka Dots

Now before you disregard this option, think again. Not all polka dots are created equal, and the ones you’ll find in formal shirts are rather understated in a cool way.

Some printed formal shirts in men's style are a must to jazz up your wardrobe.

A dotted shirt brings with it a unique expressiveness that speaks volumes about your style personality.

Choose a base colour like white or oxford blue with a micro-print to create a modern twist in a classic which looks rather dashing. John Miller brings to you the best printed shirts at under Rs.1100.

So let’s bring some patterns into your life, and take your work look from drab to fab in a jiffy!



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From Drab To Fab!
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