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About boys jeans

It runs in the jeans

Check our Brand Factory’s collection of jeans for boys online

Buying a pair of jeans for boys is necessary, as jeans are wardrobe essentials, cutting across gender and age and everything else that divides us. Almost everyone owns one pair or more. And while there is no right or wrong style of jeans, there are some that become trendier at certain periods before fading for a while, only to resurface -- you know, like the cycle of fashion flows.

These fashion trends also dictate what would be considered cool in the kid’s fashion scenario. And don’t blame yourself if you find yourself in a fix every time you try to buy the latest jeans for boys; it has happened to the best of us.

It gets even more complicated when you have to buy jeans for boys in their pre-teens, because they are reluctant to try on different fashion, given the usual restlessness at this age. Understanding what works for the wearer involves understanding the body type and personality, even if it is a child we are talking about. It is essential to know about the various kinds of jeans for boys available online. We are listing below a few basic styles in jeans for boys to help you make an informed decision next time.

Choose your fit

Straight fit: The regular, straight fit jeans are a classic. They hand loosely throughout the entire length and end right at the ankle. These have remained fashionable through apocalyptical phases of fashion that have seen leather leotards trend, and they are here to stay forever. So, invest in a good pair of straight fit jeans for boys without thinking twice. It will last for years and be an all-weather ally.

Slim fit: Slim fits are narrower than straight fits. They are more form-fitting than the former and look chicer too. These too have been around for eons and look great with baggy clothes. Think 80s and 90s fashion – chunky sneakers, tartan shirts, and white t-shirts – forever classic combination.

Skinny fit: These are for the more fashion-conscious boys, who do not mind compromising on comfort a little to keep up with the latest trends. These were ruling the markets until a few years ago, but are gradually making way to more breathable fits. Skinny fit jeans hug the skin and are great for athletic body types.

Tapered jeans: These are usually loose towards the hips and get narrower as they reach the ankles. Tapered jeans work for everyone and look classy too. They end slightly above the ankle and look great when paired with espadrilles and partially tucked in mono-tone t-shirts or oxford button-down shirts.

Low rise: Low-rise jeans are best kept for young adults. These were a rage in the early 2000s when every child artist to Rockstar would be spotted sporting these. The crotch of these boys jeans is shorter than usual. They start quite a few inches below the navel and expose a considerable part of the waistline.

Flared bottom: Flared bottom jeans that are usually high-waisted are not exactly trending when it comes to jeans for boys. Though music aficionados who want to look like their 60s or 70s star performers may wish to own a pair, they are not very popular at the moment. This one should be saved for the hard-core retro lovers we say.

Distressed jeans: Going by the trends of the time, we saved the best for the last. These emerged in the fashion scenario again about two years back. Acid washed and torn in places; these can up the cool quotient of every boy who wears one. They look great when paired with vans or low top trainers and have become synonymous with trendy at the moment.

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At Brand Factory, you have a wide variety of the above-mentioned jeans that are available based on size and personality-type. Scroll through our collection to find the best jeans for boys.

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